Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Chaos That Is My Shed

Like beach huts, sheds are very trendy this summer. Magazines have glossy articles illustraded with quaint shed interiors. There are shed blogs and web sites aplenty. Illustrious writers of the past and present have turned  sheds into studies, Roald Dhal and George Bernard Shaw to name drop two shed lovers.

It doesn't stop with writers. Small businesses are springing up in sheds around the world,  sheds are turning into breweries and pubs recording studios and machine shops. Whatever you can think of, someone is doing it in a shed as I write this. I personally know people who have immaculate, comfortable, cosy sheds, these shed people all have one thing in common, neatness.

Neatness is one of the many traits I wasn't blessed with. I surround myself in clutter and I find it difficult to organise even the smallest space, like my desk drawer, so shed life is not for me. In truth all I want a shed for is to store things like lawn mowers, ladders, paint, tools and the TV, and I'd like easy access to those items. This became an issue today when I was asked to store 4 paint tins.

The job of finding space for the tins turned into a farce as I balanced the 4 tins on larger tins, which were balancing themselves. Normally I would have left things and backed out (very carefully), but the next phase of the house starts soon and I'll need to get access to tools and materials reasonably quickly, so I spent an hour organising the shed interior.

It's a horrible job that I'm not fit for. The photos above of the shed after one hours effort. Tomorrow I'm going back in there, to clear the work bench and by the end of the week I hope to show you a shed to be proud of.


  1. I feel your pain, but in our case it's a garage. A car in there? Be serious. We've never had a car in the garage - ever.

    Good luck with your endeavor. Maybe you'll inspire me to tackle my mess a bit more.

  2. I suspect you're in good company the world over.

    We've got two sheds and a huge garage. . . with a loft. Now and then we do battle with the mess, but all it takes is one home project and all order is lost.



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