Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paris Photographs

Parisian Dancer. Photograh by Tim Irving

Parisian Dancer - Photograph by Tim Irving

Paris was excellent. Lots of adventures and lots of photographs. It's been a few years since I last visited the city, from memory not much has changed, except that there's more tourists. The art scene is bigger than ever with too many exhibitions for anyone to see in a month let alone a long weekend.

We covered part of the city on the Velib (public bicycle rental), part on foot and long journeys on the metro. I had an ambitious schedule and a list of places to photograph, I managed to cover about 85% of the list which means another visit later in the year for a mopping up operation.

I've got a lot of film in the lab and I'll be sharing some of the photos with you over the coming weeks. But for the time being I'll leave you with the Parisian Dancer, I hope you like him.


  1. ouch, i bet that hurts tomorrow! nice photo.

  2. My goodness! Talk about "human joy in the form of motion!" That's a picture of you taken by your assistant, right?

    Nice photo indeed. Quality. The dancer's dynamic looks good in front of staunch Eiffel, and I like how the tops of the clouds are being thrown the same direction as the dancer's feet.

    Delighted you had an excellent adventure.



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