Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Great Weekend

Ha Ha. Photograph by Tim Irving
Where the bed once was - Tim Irving
I remember when I was a child and the TV stopped working. There was immediate disbelief and every member of the house took turns to switch it on and off. It took the repair man 3 days to fix it. For the first day we were all in shock, our internal clocks still tuned to the programmes we wouldn't see. The following days were a little better, things settled down and we strarted listening to the radio, reading and doing things, but it was edgy and tense. When the TV was repaired peace returned to our house and we settled back into a routine dictated by the TV schedules. I'm re-living the nightmare of those 3 days this weekend although it's not a TV that's the problem.

I should be relaxing this weekend. Visiting relatives, a little gentle shopping and a drive into London to see an exhibition. However, yesterday I did a lot of walking and today I'm involved in electrical work, moving beds and repairing my bike. Tomorrow will be the same with a backgroud of rain. All because my car's passenger door locked itself while the door was open. It's such a clever, German car, that it remembers to lock the doors even if I forget. On Thursday it locked the door while I was unloading and I can't unlock it. Neither can the mechanic or his friend the locksmith.The mechanic has ordered a new lock which will arrive on Monday, but until then the car is sitting outside my house with the door held closed with a length of rope.

If the car, with an open door, survives and is still here on Monday, we'll return to our routine. I'll get to the exhibition (The Surrealist House), next week and tell you about it here. In the meantime it's tense and edgy.


  1. Time to sit back relax and make plans then Tim, these little setbacks are often not without reason ? enjoy the exhibition.

  2. "There was immediate disbelief and every member of the house took turns to switch it on and off." That's SO FUNNY. It would play out the same anywhere in the world.



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