Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Got my Mojo Working

I haven't been feeling too good for the past few days, I'm not ill, just lifeless. I can trace the problem back to last Friday when I went for dinner with my brother in law and his 2 sons. It's essential to meet up with friends but this meeting was in Kilburn, London, a 3 hour round trip.

The reason we meet in Kilburn is because we can eat at the Vijay restaurant and drink in Father Ted's across the road. I did enjoy a splendid evening - great food and excellent company on a warm summers evening. At midnight I decided to make my way home to Suffolk. Instead of heading for the M25 motorway which takes the long way to the M11, I decided on a more direct route through Camden Town. Just off the Holloway road I saw an art deco neon sign and I made a mental note to return and take a photograph.

The journey home was uneventful. When I arrived home it was still very warm so I opened the bedroom windows wide, I got into bed at 2am and dropped off immediately. I was woken at 5am by a woman talking to a dog, "Come on Button, let's go", and I could hear her talking to the dog as they walked into the distance. The talking wasn't clear enough for me to hear everything, just the odd phrase. I couldn't get back to sleep, first the birds starting singing followed by the sounds of the day. I lay in bed until 7am, then got up.

On Sunday morning the same woman woke me up again at 6am. I must have been waiting in my sleep for her because I heard her conversation with the dog as she approached, "Hurry up Button", it got louder, peaked and grew quieter in the distance. I then started to think what is the effect called when a police siren approaches and the note drops as it passes (it's called the Doppler effect), which turned into a dream in my half sleep. I got out of bed at 7am.

Monday morning it's the same thing, on the dot, Button and mistress having a 'conversation'. Tuesday she doesn't turn up but I'm waiting for her and my sleep is fitfull. Today (Wednesday) she didn't wake me, I'm hoping she's taken another route with Button.

Until today (I had a good 8 hours sleep last night), I've had no enthusiasm to work, I just wanted to sleep. But now my motivation is back, my mojo is working. I've had a walk with the dog (my dog - not Button), I'm planning a new piece of art and, I'm going back to Holloway Road within a few days to have a good look at the sign. What a difference a sleep makes.


  1. So that explains nearly a week without a post. I've read that if you go long enough without sleep you'll go insane. I believe it as there are times in my life I've come awfully close. Glad you got your solid 8 in the sack and are back among us.

    Father Ted's red front looks like an American tourist's dream. Waiting to see the art deco sign. . .

  2. New art project???




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