Monday, July 26, 2010

Suffolk Showcase Exhibition

Suffolk Showcase exhibition. Photograph by Tim Irving
Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery

Saturday was my first opprtunity to visit Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery for the Suffolk Showcase exhibition. It would be vain of me to bang on about an exhibition in which I'm included, but it's obviously a proud moment for me to see my photographs alongside the other artsits. All the works are of a high standard, I'm tempted to buy something for myself on my next visit.

Odd thing. Photograph by Tim Irving. Photograph by Tim Irving
Found art, outside the galley


  1. Bang on, Baby. That's what we're here for. Go ahead and bang your drum and toot your horn and ring our bells.

  2. Love the menacing little art thug on the sidewalk.



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