Friday, July 30, 2010

Long term art projects

After looking at the Liu Zheng "Chinese" photographs, a project which took 7 years to complete, my friend and commentator Carey asked me if I have any projejects lined up that could take years to complete. Well the answer is yes and no.

My projects never take more than a few months to finish, but they can take years to start. I have books of ideas and sketches that are refined over several years. Some of these projects are ready to be made into finished works but have to wait, because of certain logistics -  location and models spring to mind.

Something as simple as a flower can hold the project back months until it's in season. Models are my biggest obstacle in completing projects. Finding a person to match the image in my mind  is very difficult. Painters have an easier time because they can make changes or, if they're good enough, paint from their imagination, but it's more difficult for photographers. So I'm always looking for certain people with particular skills to help me finish projects.

One of my projects started life in Spain several years ago and I recently found a few people in England who fit the bill and can help me bring it to completion, but I still haven't completed it, so I won't discuss it anymore in case I jinx it.

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  1. Don't want to jinx you, but it's nice to know you've got some things simmering. I'm a documentary junkie:) I like to see and hear how creative people work, how they process and organize, what they think about while they're working, how they stay motivated over time. So thanks for the insight.



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