Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photographing the North Sea coast

beach huts. Photograph by Tim IrvingWorking out the cost by the square foot, beach huts must be the most expensive properties in the world. They cost between £50, 000 and £100,000 each and they are used (very occasionally), to make tea and sandwiches, have snoozes and change clothes. They are beautiful.

beach huts. Photograph by Tim IrvingI spent a couple of hours yesterday driving through Norfolk, England, to visit this beach and go back in time.
Caterpillar on sand dunes. Photograph by Tim IrvingAfter getting lost, because I don't have sat nav, I arrived at the beach around 2pm, which from a photographers point of view is about the worst tme of day to take a picture. But the light is different here, this is the North Sea coast and looking out to sea the next landfall is Den Helder on the Dutch coast. The flat light and delicate shadows work well with the traditional colors of the beach huts.
Norfolk beach huts. Photograph by Tim IrvingThis is definately a place to escape from vulgarity or rudeness, it is elelgantly stylish, even the caterpillars have subdued colors.

I took an array of traditional cameras and a pocket full of film to capture the day, so I'm very excited to see the results which should plop through the letterbox early next week.

Wooden beach huts, Norfolk coast. Photograph by Tim IrvingThe food was good! Potted shrimps with bread and butter followed by scones with jam and cream, and a gallon of tea.


  1. A perfect day. Makes me want to escape. The beach huts, the late afternoon, the potted shrimp & gallon of tea. I want it all.

    p.s. Appreciate the link to the potted shrimp recipe. Had never heard of it, but can now say with confindence I DO want the potted shrimp.

  2. Those beach huts are charming.

    That first photograph could almost be Oregon with the tall pine trees in the background.

    I like all of the photos, but the last one is my favorite.

    I had never heard of potted shrimps either, so it was nice to have a link.

    I also appreciated the link to Den Helder. Interesting history. :-)



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