Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Martin Parr's best shot

Martin Parr is a  photographer I've alway connected with. His subjects (even food), have a melancholy quality. In contrast, William Egglestone's photographs (who I have to compare with Martin Parr), are equally engaging, but I feel distant from the subjects.

There's a very good short video on the Guardian web site where you can see Marting Parr (that's him above), discussing one of his famous photographs. A nice little insight.

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  1. Very good. Too short! Thank you for educating the uneducated (me) about another fascinating photographer.

    In listening to the audio link, I noticed Martin Parr said something similar to what Chris Steele-Perkins said (in a link you provided about him on 7/1/10)about the value of luck in ending up with a truly great photograph. So I started thinking about how a photographer has to "be there" and "get out there" and how much time and film must get used up in pursuit of that moment when all the elements are suddenly hanging together.



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