Monday, June 28, 2010

English Embarrassment

Cortijo. Photograph by Tim IrvingCortijo

Commenting about my post the other day "Photographing Cliches" Viktor said... "Silent couple you say... you are not in Spain anymore ;)"

How very true Viktor! While the British are terrified of meeting or (heaven forbid), making eye contact with a stranger, the Spanish love to meet and greet. I remember once trying to find my way to the top of a moorish watchtower. The path was non existent and the whole hillside was covered in thick bamboo. I'd been climbing for a few hours and thought I was probably the first person to visit the watchtower in ages. When I finally reached the top, there was a wall to climb over, and on the other side of the wall was an old woman with 5 goats. (That's her cortijo above, leaning at a beautiful angle).

There was no messing with formalities. We had a nice chat, I was offered an orange to eat and given directions on getting down safely. I considered the event to be surreal but my new friend never missed a beat, as if it was an everyday occurence.

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