Friday, June 25, 2010

Photographing Cliches

Because of my rant yesterday, I forgot to mention the strange encounter I had in the poppy field. But first I must tell you that poppy fields, together with homeless people, do not need to be photographed. Those two subjects have been flogged to death by every photographer that ever walked the earth. I should have driven past the red field, but I didn't.

As I climbed over the gate of the poppy field, I found two other photographers, a man and woman. They had tripods erected and were about 10 feet from each other with the gate between them. I greeted both of them "Good evening - lovely view!". Neither looked at me or replied.

I spent about half an hour walking around the edge of the field, photographing cliches, when I returned to the gate the pair were in the same spot. As I climbed over the gate to leave I said "Lovely view, it was nice to meet you!", again there was silence, neither looked at me.

So, dear silent couple, if you're reading this (he he), I apologise for stealing your view and creating a terrible atmosphere in the poppy field.

To everyone else, have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.



  1. Nevertheless, I fell in love with your blurred poppy field and, assuming it's for sale, will be purchasing a print. Maybe poppies have been over-photographed, but you produced an image that gave me a fresh look at them. Also, your photo has a very "Wizard of Oz" feel to it which hooked into my nostalgic self. I think the soul behind the camera is as important as what is in front of the camera and will make the difference even with a common subject.

  2. Silent couple you say... you are not in Spain anymore ;)



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