Monday, June 14, 2010

The Zoo

Birds eye. Photograph by Tim IrvingEye contact

What a wild weekend I've had. Yesterday I wore a beige safari suit and went to the zoo! The last time I went to a zoo I was 9 years old, I found it miserable then and it's still miserable.

However, you're here to be entertained so I've put up a few photos to convey the blandness of it all. I did seem to be in the minority at the zoo, there were plenty of visitors who found the sleeping animals exciting. I saw some serious photographers too. One couple wearing vests with lots of pockets and logos, carried 2 cameras each, all 4 cameras fitted with enormous white zoom lenses, wow.

As we all shuffled past the last cage I made eye contact with a very handsome bird, that's him above. We studied each other for a few minutes and I left the zoo feeling that the bird was more stimulated than I was.

Zebra. Photograph by Tim IrvingZebra

Tiger. Photograph by Tim IrvingTiger

Lions. Photograph by Tim IrvingLions

Sleeping lemurs. Photograph by Tim IrvingSmall sleeping animals


  1. Pics of the beige safari suit may have been interesting !, I would have paid money to see you in that. Take care.

  2. Yes, zoos can be disturbing. I haven't been in decades. But that bird is a handsome fellow.



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