Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Diana Mini Camera, Expensive!

Diana Mini CameraThe Online Photographer is commenting on the most overpriced camera in the world. In his opinion it's not Nikon D3x or Leica S2, it's the Diana Mini! The little plastic camera that's worn like jewellery by trendy people in trendy places.

The overpriced camera tag is probably correct, assuming that a camera that costs $1 (a guess), to make - and sells for up to $100, that's a healthy mark-up. But that's the price people are willing to pay for distinctive analogue snapshots, plus it looks very cute.


  1. I'm not a photographer and am completely out of the loop on the subject (but for what I learn on your blogs), so I had to Google the Diana Mini to find out what you meant by "distinctive" analog snapshots. Now that I've done a little homework, I have to tell you it looks like a fun little camera. Lots of creativity for the average bear. Do you have one? Is it a piece of junk that only lasts a few months or will it cling to life if you don't abuse it? If it's shoddy, then any price is too much. But if it has some lasting power, then I would pay the $60 for all that cuteness.

  2. There's a local shop that carries this little camera, and I have to admit I was intrigued when I first saw it. I haven't purchased one, but they sell it for around $40.

    I may be confusing this camera with another one, but it seems I remember it also shoots half frame.



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