Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stonehenge photographs

Stonehenge. Photograph by Tim IrvingStonehenge at dawn - Tim Irving

I occasionally feel sorry for digital photographers. The instant gratification they get from seeing the image on the screen is a poor substitute for the excitement I feel when I'm waiting for my film to be developed. It's a feeling similar to the build up to Christmas when I was 9.

I had to wait 5 days before I received the negatives and CD from Genie Imaging, with some of my Stonehenge images. These are from a big 6x7 camera that I lugged around the megalithic site in Wiltshire, England.

The camera produces 10 negatives and on first impressions I scored 7 out of 10, which is very respectable. The image above is my favourite at the moment - it's the first print I've worked on by using a palette toner on the print, I like the results.

There's another negative with a big black bird flying across the scene. Trouble is, the bird isn't where I'd want it, and it doesn't look like a bird. I'll keep looking at it and see if it improves with viewing.

I also took 20 exposures on a 35mm camera. I'll finish that film off next week and look forward to experiencing another build up to my young pre-Christmas feelings!

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  1. A magical result. Worth getting up early for. And I'm with you on the delights of anticipation.



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