Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seduced by a bacon roll

It's been a beautiful day here. I was in North London this morning, Hornsey to be exact - on a little business. The company I went to see was in a small trading estate which was shared with half a dozen other companies, which in turn leased off spare space to smaller companies (London is very crowded).

I spotted "Chicken Time" (which seems to serve everythng but chickens), wedged into a delivery yard of a builders merchant. In my 8 year abscence from the UK, burger vans and fast food seem to have grown more than any other small business! The promise I made to myself last week of one fried breakfast a week was temporarily forgotten and I was seduced by a bacon and egg roll. I couldn't fault the roll and I award Chicken Time 5/5 for the food. Sadly they lost points over the tea which suffered from anaemia and only received 2 points, one for being hot and one for being wet.

The diet starts again tomorrow. Not easy for someone who enjoys their food to the degree that I do!


  1. Those rolling food carts have become quite the scene in the city here in Oregon. Some of them are quite famous, a few having been written up in food magazines. I have yet to try their offerings, but then I'm not in the city all that often.

    They seem to do good business (weather permitting) and are certainly a great alternative to the restaurant atmosphere.

    Good luck with the diet.

    I've had anemic coffee before...about all I can say is yuck.

  2. Chicken Time? What a funny little name. But I like it. Cute red diner too. Looks vintage. I'm with you guys: I do NOT like my beverages anemic!



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