Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ilford Advocate Camera

Ilford Advocate. Photograph by Tim IrvingMy 1949 Ilford Advocate

I called in at the Redbridge Museum today and what did I see but an Ilford Avocate camera. I'm pleased this camera has attained museum status because I personally think it's one of the most beautiful cameras ever made.

Ilford, if you don't know is in Essex but it's also a Borough of London. The photographic company took it's name from the borough, then they moved to Cheshire. The Advocate was made for Ilford by a precision engineering company, Kennedy Instruments.

The quality of these cameras is second to none. The body is cast silicon alloy and finished in beautiful ivory enamel. I can't be sure but the bright metalwork looks like nickel silver. All the internals are machined and the lens is a stunning 35mm Dalmeyer, that produces wonderful contrasty images.

Seeing the camera in a museum has shamed me into using it. I've loaded my Advocate with film for my trip to Newmarket later this week. I'm off to photograph race horses being exercised, another early start. I'll add some images from the Advocate soon.


  1. Gorgeous. Makes me think of white luxury cars from the same era. Looking forward to what you coax out of it.

  2. That is a sweet looking camera. I wouldn't mind having one for my collection.



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