Friday, May 7, 2010

The Full English

Full English Breakfast. Photograph by Tim IrvingI've been in the UK for less than 4 months and I'm already having to watch my waistline. Breakfasts in Europe were good for me, a 'tostada con tomate' and a coffee, nada mas.

But here I'm eating like Fatty Arbuckle (and starting to look like him). I still have cereal and tea first thing in morning, but now I'm occasionaly supplimenting this with a mid morning visit to a cafe for a full English breakfast. Not only that, but I'm finishing my breakfast with a slice of cake or a Bakewell tart. I've always been a fan of the full English, and thought about it worryingly often during my 8 years living in Spain! Obviously this is a slippery slope, if I continue on this path I'll end up listening to Celine Dion and wearing socks with sandals.

The fact is I love cafe's. Everything about them I find comforting - from the Formica table tops to the wall mounted TV. and if they have a hand written (blue ballpoint), menu I'm in heaven. Equally fascinating to me are the people who work and eat in them. And I'm never put off by the exterior - the more shabby the outside is, the more authentic the food will be inside!

But this can't continue, starting next week I'm limiting myself to one English breakfast a week. It'll be difficult but I'll do it.

Cross Keys Cafe. photograph by Tim Irving


  1. The bacon and tomatoes look particularly well done in that photo, but I know what you mean I have recently been in whitby photographing the beautiful coastline the b&b served something very similar but twice as large, very nice though.

  2. the bacon and tomatoes look particularly well done Tim, hope you enjoyed them.

  3. Now that's one good looking breakfast. Love the term "Full English" which can apparently apply to YOU as well as your meal! Breakfast in America (!) is also best found in the very local, very un-hip cafes, or "coffee shops" as we rural folk say. There is nothing more comforting, especially on a roadtrip or after a night on the town.

  4. And if I ever find out you've started listening to Celine Dion. . . well, I just dunno.



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