Friday, May 21, 2010

Photography without a Camera

The images below are from Rita Soromenho, an artist based in London. Rita uses found images, or in this case cameraless images to create her work.

Rita calls these creations "Scannograms" (made with a scanner, duh), and the scannograms you see here were the result of walks through the city's back gardens and wastelands picking flowers on the way.

You can see more of her work on her web site including a lovely series of scannograms from her families collection of old lace.

Rita SoromenhoFirst Walk - Rita Soromenho

Rita SoromenhoStamford Hill Walk - Rita Soromenho

Rita SoromenhoLea Bank Walk - Rita Soromenho

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  1. Some of the lace scannograms are like sea life. Her dollhouse photos really gave me goosebumps, though. When I was a kid I didn't have a doll house, but I used to set up vignettes either with just "furnishings" or with furnishings and figures. Usually on the floor under the front overhang an old upright piano. I did that because the ornate panels and turned wooden legs served as grand walls and columns. Another favorite spot was on the back patio (again on the ground) where I would drape fabric from a small table and place dishes of water on the concrete to reflect sunlight. After I set up these scenes I would lie on the ground and stare closely at them to daydream. I'm still one to peer into miniature scenes, whether they're shop windows at night or "boxes" created by artists for the viewer to look into. Remember those plastic 3-D viewers in the 1960's where you would insert a cardboard film disc to view 3-D scenes (mine were from Disneyland). I would love to get a hold of one of those again, with vintage photos of course. And even though they're not miniature, I adore empty stages, deserted backstage areas, empty theaters, empty theater balconies. 90 seconds of looking at her doll house photos dredged up all these memories. Well look at me blather on with another "more than you ever wanted to know about me" comment. Just goes to show you how evocative the arts can be.



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